Synergy – Flo State Blend

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Synergy is when things work better together. The ingredients in this blend are specifically chosen to encourage a flow state of being. Calming, relaxing, being with reality as it comes; these are great support for meditations, nature time, yoga, introspection, creativity and more.

Organic Macuna is chosen especially for the consistent L-Dopa. This is the building block for feel-good flow state molecule Dopamine.

Organic Matcha is chosen and added to the blend for its levels of L-Theanine, another feel good flow state supporter. There are many benefits of L-Theanine, one of which is reported support of alpha state brain waves and reduction of stress.

Organinc Lions Mane is included in this blend for its reported neuroprotective and neurogenerating effects.

When these ingredients all act in synergy, they create a support for your own practice and journey into being in Flow State and living your best life.

As always, do your own research. Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients. Take responsibility and take care of your body. These capsules are so effective, that people have reported effects simply by meditating with them.You are powerful beyond measure.

*take with intention

2 reviews for Synergy – Flo State Blend

  1. Trevor Wallace

    I love Flow State! It always gives me the perfect energy when playing guitar or when out enjoying nature.

  2. Kelly (verified owner)

    The ordering process was super easy . Showed up at mu house 2 days later . Product is great . Thanks !

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