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Vape Pens Canada

Vape pens for sale in Canada are destroying previous sales peaks. You may ask why, and that’s a good question. The answer is simple; they pack a lot of medicine discreetly into a compact casing. They are healthier than smoking a joint, and buying a vape pen online is extremely cost-effective, especially at Secret Smoke. Our disposable vape pens and cartridges retail for the lowest cost we can find in Canada.

We are no slouches when it comes to quality and reliability either, so it’s definitely worth checking out the Secret Smoke and Club Canna brands if you haven’t already! Lots of people are confused about how we offer such cheap prices. They identify cheap with lesser quality, but just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s worse! For instance, take a 25-dollar bottle of wine you bought and compare it to a 100-dollar bottle. A lot of the time, it tastes extremely similar. However, in our case, buying vape pens online at Secret Smoke is just better all around. We execute proprietary extraction methods, always love to make our customer experience amazing, and our prices and quality are dialed in. See for yourself!

What Is A Vape Pen?

The term “Vape Pen” has a lot of different interpretations online. Considering weed vape pens have many parts to them and can contain many different types of extracts, it could be not very clear for new users. So here we will give you a short but effective breakdown of the disposable THC vape pen, cartridges, and batteries, and in addition, indicate what these pens can contain.

The Vape Pen, AKA the electronic cigarette or battery-powered vape pen, has been taking the cannabis world by storm ever since 2012 when distillate extraction started becoming a popular way to mitigate crop losses when the price per pound started to drop. The vape pen consists of a battery, atomizer/cartridge/tank, tip, and in some cases, a charger and case if you buy a reusable battery.

Battery – powers the atomizer (is present in a disposable vape pen and a reusable vape pen)

Atomizer – sits inside of your cartridge and vaporizes various marijuana extracts.

Cartridge or Cart – contains the tank and all the atomizer parts, including a ceramic coil and wicking material that makes the marijuana vape pen work.

Tip – the instrument you use to inhale your THC or CBD distillate

Charger – apparatus you use to keep your vape pen functioning and full charged

The following bullet points represent the main differences between a disposable and a reusable:

Disposable Weed Vape Pen – the battery and Cart are physically attached, and when the user is finished, they get thrown out.

Re-Usable Weed Vape Pen – the batteries are rechargeable, and instead of buying a battery and Cart together, the user buys only new cartridges once the battery is purchased.

The best online dispensaries in Canada primarily sell CBD and THC distillate vape pens because they can come in a smaller, more compact pen that is typically more convenient and reliable. However, there are vape pens that can service smoking extracts, including resin, shatter wax, and shatter.

How Much Is A Good Vape Pen?

Ordering vape pens online comes with its benefits. Sure, you have to wait a little longer for the mail, but the savings are enormous. Upon executing hours of research, Secret Smoke concluded that Storefront cannabis dispensaries charge anywhere from 50-80 dollars plus tax for cartridges that only had 315 to 400 ml of THC. When buying cartridges online at other online dispensaries, we found that the average price of cartridges/disposables was 30-60 dollars containing 500ml to 1000ml of THC or CBD. Now in the case of Secret Smoke, our carts and disposables start at 22 dollars containing 500mg to 1000mg of THC or CBD. As you can see, we are the cheapest prices on the Canadian market, period. Check out some of our affordable vape pens like the Secret Smoke Watermelon OG Indica Vape Pen on sale now at $19!!!

How Do I Choose A Vape Pen?

The phrase, “buy disposable THC vape pens online,” is easy to type in, but there are particulars you should analyze before you make a purchase. If you are shopping online at Secret Smoke, don’t worry, we have you covered. However, in the case of shopping elsewhere, here are some variables you should look out for…

Is Ceramic Better Than Coils?

In terms of functionality, ceramic takes the cake. It can withstand higher temperatures, extending its lifespan and effectively making it more reliable in lower temperatures where coils would not be able to vaporize the contents of the Cart. It is also said that ceramic delivers a better-tasting vapor because it is porous and has more surface area for more distillate to get vapes at once.

All this is true if you don’t have the right kind of chromium ceramic coils, you could inhale heavy metals and particulate. Hey! Don’t sweat it; Club Canna has developed its own cartridge and battery that allows more air, covers more surface area, and uses top-quality ceramic. This allows us to use a lower Mah battery, and in effect, the atomizer doesn’t need to heat up as much in concentrated areas. This eradicates formaldehyde production and heavily mitigates the inhalation of ceramic particulates. Club Canna and Secret Smoke have gone through rigorous testing and improvements over the years to make sure our vapes are as safe as possible!

What To Consider Before Buying A Vape Pen? What Are Secret Smokes Most Popular Vapes In Canada?

You should know that most cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids get removed when going through the process of isolating THC or CBD. However, at Secret Smoke, we have conceptualized our own process in order for our customers to draw parallels to the high they would experience from a particular strain in its flower state. We do this by extracting as many natural terpenes and flavonoids as we can before the process of distillation by using a very light solvent. Furthermore, we only run one strain at a time, creating a distillate that is distinctly like the flower would be. After this process is finished, we add this strains of flavonoids and terpenes back, making Club Cannas vape pens the highest quality and truly unique.

So if you take all this into account when shopping at Secret Smoke, you can see that ordering Indica Vape Pens, Sativa Vape Pens, and Hybrid Vape Pens can be a very different experience here. Buying vapes in Canada has never been purer than ordering from Club Canna.

If you like old-school Sativa strains, check out our Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, and Durban Poison varieties. Or, if you are into new Cali strains, check out one of our most popular strains: Zkittlez and Death Bubba.

How Many Hits Do Vape Pens Last?

It is said that vaping should last anywhere between 150-330 tokes, depending on the user. Each puff contains around 3-5 ml of THC or CBD. This can last a heavy smoker a week or less and a light smoker over a month. For this reason, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to smoke cannabis!


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