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Indica Vape Pens In Canada

Welcome to one of the best selections of Vape Pens in Canada! If you are looking at buying Indica Vape Pens Online, this is the spot! Yes, you may have to wait a few days for Canada Post to deliver your order. However, buying cannabis and vape pens online will save you a great deal in the long run, especially at Secret Smoke! Our THC cartridges and disposable vape pens are some of the most aggressively priced in all of Canada. Our prices are here to save people money and incentivize customers to start their side hustle!

What is an Indica Vape Pen?


If you wish to get a vape pen with attributes close to the strain you are looking for, ask your budtender if they know how the pen was produced and what procedures the manufacturer executes. Club Canna Distillate Vape Pens are made with extreme care. All flower is run separately from other strains to keep as many attributes as the original strain has to offer. In addition, we only use the most high-quality terpenes to bring back all the flavors you are craving from that strain you love so much. This is so customers like yourself are always satisfied with the products you are purchasing and can always identify the effect you love so much in your favorite strains. Check out our most popular strains here!


Smoking a Distillate Vape Pen has more in common with an Indica than a sativa or hybrid. So you might ask yourself why vape pens have striking resemblances to smoking a strong Indica. To put this into perspective, let’s dive into the reasons for this!

Indicas are synonymous with the notorious “couch-lock” side effects people experience when smoking varieties such as Platinum Death Bubba or Cali Bubba Kush. Typically, Indica strains produce more of a body high than an uplifting head high. Evidently, when THC is concentrated into an extract such as distillate, the high THC content draws many similarities due to its overwhelming strength, producing a heavy body high.

As mentioned in our Sativa and Hybrid Vapes category pages, you will realize the process of manufacturing distillate vape pens. If you look at how THC is concentrated in the distillate, many of a strains’ natural attributes are stripped and then added back in during the end of the commercialization process. Check out the process below:

When cannabis flower gets broken down into a purer form of THC, there is a process that everyone must go through to isolate it. This purification process undergoes extreme conditions such as heat, steam, and vacuum pressures that separate plant matter, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. THC has one of the highest burning points of all the cannabinoids, making it easier to isolate. Therefore you are left with a much more isolated substance relinquishing much of each strain’s unique qualities, leaving it in its purest form. Of course, as mentioned above, its properties produce the most similar side effects to Indica strains! So now you can see why it makes the most sense to buy Indica vape pens in Canada!

How To Use an Indica Vape Pen?

Whether a Vape Pens is Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid, the functionality remains the same. They can come in many different configurations. Generally, disposables and re-usable pens come with a tip, battery, and charger. Regarding disposable vape pens, they are the easiest to use. You have to inhale or hold down a button to engage the atomizer to vaporize your distillate.

Most re-usable vape pens come with a charger, battery, and case, so you can refill it or buy a new cartridge when you are done with your cartridge. Re-usable marijuana vape pens are usually built with more engineering in mind and can come with many different configurations. For instance, most BB Tank reusables require you to press the button five times to turn the atomizer on and five times off. Then, of course, if you wish to inhale, you press down for the duration of your toke. This is about as complicated as it gets, so don’t feel intimidated if you are new to cannabis vape pens.

Indica Vape Pens Shopping Tips

Club Canna and Secret Smoke Vape Pens are made with convenience in mind. For the most part, all you have to do is take the sanitary cap off and inhale! At Secret Smoke, we can use a propriety method of manufacturing our distillate. This enables us to ensure a clean pull every time. However, if you buy cannabis online in other establishments, it would be wise to ask some questions about their products.

Be sure to ask what additives they use when shopping for Vapes. There are additives such as propylene glycol and terpenes that lower the viscosity of THC oil. Viscosity measures are the resistance of a fluid or gas. So, if a liquid such as distillate is highly viscous, it takes a great deal of heat to make it malleable. This is essential if distillate is to flow into the wick so the atomizer can vaporize your product so you can enjoy your weed vape. Some companies do not use any additives. This can pose problems in terms of functionality if not handled correctly. If most distillate is too viscous to flow into the wick so your coils can execute vaporization, your pen won’t pull! This can also be a nuisance at lower temperatures as this problem can become even worse. When shopping for cannabis vapes online, keep to Secret Smoke Vape Pens as we don’t use propylene glycol and have our distillate & terpenes dialed in!
As clogged pens are probably one of the most common problems, so are batteries. Batteries can die, and for no good reason. If you find you=have gone through the wringer with disposables and don’t want to take another chance, switch to a rechargeable battery and go for a 510 Club Canna THC Cart. If you can afford 20 dollars and love reliability, this is your option! Check our most popular carts, including Sunset Sherbet, Runtz, and Gelato.

Buying Indica Vape Pens from Secret Smoke

Buying cannabis and vape pens online has never been easier. At Secret Smoke, we believe in making you experience the best you have ever had. Be sure to look for our monthly deals, and feel free to ask one of our customer service agents for help at any time! We have a wealth of knowledge and can assist you with your Indica choices anytime during our business hours!


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