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What is Shatter?

Shatter is a very potent cannabis concentrate that most often contains a THC content of around 65 – 80%. It is only rivaled in THC content by distillate and isolates. Distillate is widely available, contains around 80-96% THC, and is commonly found in vape pens and syringes. Isolate is extremely rare and difficult to synthesize, so it is mostly unavailable to the general consumer.

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So, what makes shatter a concentrate?

All THC concentrates, including Shatter, all start with raw flower grown on a female cannabis plant. Shatter primarily comes from two sources; shake and smaller buds. “Shake” or “trim” is a by-product of larger buds that have had their leaves (which contain THC) cut off to give them a manicured appearance so they can be sold to connoisseurs at a higher price on the retail market. Smaller buds are used because they usually contain less THC and are less aesthetically pleasing. This does not mean that the quality of the Shatter is compromised by using raw products that contain less THC. The scientific definition of a concentrate is “a relatively large quantity of a substance present in a smaller unit of a mixture.” Therefore, to use tiny buds and shake that perhaps contain 14 % THC, we concentrate it by using a closed loop system with solvents to create a product that is around 70-80% THC.

When taking marijuana plant matter through the extraction process, it is essential to note that less prevalent cannabinoids like Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabigerol (CBN) become even less abundant. A close analogy that most people can identify with is pasteurization. A pasteurized fruit shake contains almost no vitamins because it has been brought to extremely high temperatures. Even though Cannabinoids are more robust, they still lose ground when going through this process. Depending on how many passes the oil goes through, the solvents and temperatures used by each lab can determine the amount of other beneficial cannabinoids the Shatter can carry.

How is Shatter Made? (a quick synopsis)

There are two ways of making Shatter; open- and closed-loop systems. Open loop systems are regarded as dangerous and unprofessional. For this lesson, we will only cover Secret Smoke’s methodologies, which synthesize the best quality products for a customer that wishes to buy shatter online in Canada. 

There are 2 common solvents used to make Shatter; butane and propane. However, butane is the primary non-polar hydrocarbon used in shatter extraction because it has a low boiling point of 31 degrees Fahrenheit, is cheaper than propane, and produces a high yield. Butane also preserves various cannabinoids/terpenes and allows for the brittle consistency indicative of Shatter. 

The butane process begins with pressurized butane being funneled into a material column, washing over the plant material, causing the separation of terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant matter. Upon separation, the terpenes and cannabinoids will form “crude oil” and be transferred into a collection tank. From here, the oil is fed into a gas compressor where the butanes vapors are pulled from the oil. Finally, the vapors are cooled in a condensing tank, turning them back into a liquid to be recycled and sent back to the solvent tank, hence the name “closed-loop.” At this point, if the lab technician is not satisfied with the oil, it can be sent for a second pass through the system, making it an even cleaner product. 

Buy Shatter Online

Looking to buy cannabis concentrates online at affordable prices? Here at Secret Smoke, we have a wide array of concentrates to choose from. We proudly provide Shatter made from top-quality flower for pure and potent cannabis-infused products. Enjoy your favourite Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains & get lost in a world of satisfying flavours.

At Club Canna, we have developed a proprietary extraction method; the lab uses a very mild solvent with an added step to extract as many natural terpenes and flavonoids as possible before the distillation process. This process allows us to collect and store the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to add them back later for a natural taste. Additionally, this also aids in reflecting how the high from the flowers’ strain would feel in its original flower form. We realize this attribute is crucial for medicinal users looking for the effects of particular strains. Having these additional cannabinoids in a higher percentage is the trick that separates Club Canna from regular Shatter.

When you buy Shatter online from Secret Smoke, trust that it will be professionally packaged and delivered. Our knowledgeable customer support professionals will offer hand-selected recommendations to help our clients find exactly what they want. Leave a message on our live chat or email. At Secret Smoke, we offer discounts on wholesale shatter! We ensure our customers always have a wide variety of choices at the lowest prices and guarantee product satisfaction.

Is Clear Shatter Better Quality?

It is a giant misconception that the color of Shatter directly correlates with quality. Many people that dab shatter rely on this; however, this is quite far from the truth. For the most part, the colour of the Shatter is only a reflection of how dark the buds were in the material column. For instance, running the black garlic strain through extraction would indeed indeed turn out much darker than a lighter strain such as the Mac 1 strain.

How Do I Store Shatter?

Like any cannabis product, storing your stash in a cool, dark and dry place is always good. In cultivation, it is said that a 16-degree temperature coupled with a relative humidity of 60% makes for an optimal environment for the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids during the curing and drying process. This is also true for storing cannabis at home. However, Shatter has a better shelf life because it is protected. After all, most cannabinoids are suspended in oil and not subject to oxidization. Additionally, the terpenes and cannabinoids are not degraded alongside the live plant matter of a cannabis flower.


For our clients who live in a hot climate, we suggest you store Shatter in the fridge or freezer if you are without consistent air conditioning. It is risky to leave Shatter out, as it will degrade quickly in hot and humid environments. For those that do decide to go the fridge route, make sure to seal the Shatter because the fridge humidity can corrupt the consistency, making it sticky and hard to handle if you’re not careful!

Shipping Details “Shatter Near Me”

Canadians are lucky to have such an abundance of shatter to choose from. That being said, if you are planning to buy shatter in Alberta or buy shatter in BC, ordering from Secret Smoke is a smart choice. Seeing as we ship out of BC, it makes sense logistically for Canadians in western provinces. During the winter the weather can delay your packages and being in relatively close proximity to your supplier can mean receiving your package days earlier. Furthermore, there are two classifications of mail when shipping from BC; National and Regional. Regional rates are slightly less than National and cover all of western Canada including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, so if you are on a budget, this is going to save you a  few dollars and cents. If you buy shatter in Ontario or the any of the Eastern Provinces, the upside to our service is quality, pricing and customer service. We at Secret Smoke believe in offering extremely competitive prices while holding our extraction methods to the highest standards. 

Cheap Shatter Canada

There are several ways to buy cheap shatter in Canada at Secret Smoke!

Here is our inside guide to getting the deals you want:

1) Sign up for our newsletter! You can do this by scrolling to the footer on any page, filling in the blank field with your email address and clicking subscribe! This is an easy way to keep your ears to the ground when there is shatter for sale! When you sign up, you can expect an email on the 7 th or the 21 st of every month. Shatter is commonly featured in our newsletter!

2) You can get discounts on our house brand, (Club Canna) if you buy shatter in bulk. You can buy up to an ounce of shatter at once on our variety bundles category page! What’s even more compelling is the fact that you can choose from over 20 flavours, ensuring you have the variety your customers demand!

3) Know the System! First time clients are entitled to a 10 percent discount at check out! Ask one of our customer service agents for the revolving monthly code. Furthermore, registered mail is free if you buy over $150 dollars of shatter weed or any other products on our menu.

Dr. Armstrong’s Review

My name is Dr. Armstrong and I have been practicing medicine for over 30 years. My career has taken me from synthesizing pharmaceutical drugs to my most recent post at a naturopathic Clinic. I cannot advocate or support the solicitation of cannabis sales online, however, I can speak to the legitimacy of the extraction methods used by this company.

After many live exhibitions of their extraction methods, I was particularly impressed with the process their shatter underwent. As I have signed an NDA, I cannot give away the methods in which they synthesize their products, however it is clear that the methodology their technicians use leaves a wider array of cannabinoids than conventional practices. Furthermore, the modifications they have implemented illustrated their ability to wash out more solvents than most labs thus reducing the dangers associated with burning solvents such as BHO which can create problems with the central nervous and cardiovascular system. Finally, CC extracts natural terpenes before the extraction process. This can also reduce the dangers associated with large amounts of post terpenes being heated at high levels when smoked.

The primary concern when burning shatter in parallel with terpenes is the variance of their burning temperatures. Terpenes burn at a much lower temperature creating health concerns via the high temperatures that are needed to burn shatter. Due to the high temperatures that are needed to burn this highly viscous extract, terpenes can undergo terpene thermolysis which can lead to the emission of benzyne which is a known carcinogenic compound. If dosed properly, I would always recommend eating cannabis as it creates the least amount of side effects and clinical trials have deemed it the most effective way to treat diseases. However, if you insist on smoking shatter or concentrates i would recommend companies that operate within the same lab standards of Club Canna. 

A Guide for Shatter Use


Dabbing is the art of smoking shatter with the use of a dab rig featured below. This rig flash vaporizes the shatter concentrate at 400-600 degrees, allowing copious amounts of cannabinoids to enter your lungs rapidly. When comparing the average THC in a joint being around 25% while considering the burn temperature of 350 degrees, dabbing delivers more quantity and is much faster than a conventional joint. Statistically, shatter dabs are the most powerful and most common form of consuming Shatter.


Typically, when you buy shatter online, it comes in a thin mylar package much like Club Canna’s Shatter It can be a new users misconception that online dispensaries sell pre-loaded shatter rigs, as they do with distillate vape pens; however, this is not the case. Vape pens that contain distillate are small and compact and typically can be bought at a relatively low wholesale price when purchased by a merchant. Dry rig vaporizers are large, harder to ship, much more expensive, and require even more heat to vaporize the concentrate. The reason is that Shatter has a high viscosity, meaning the molecules resist deformation and burning temperatures more than distillate which burns and moves more freely. Shatter vaping rigs are most definitely for the connoisseur that likes spending money on their hobbies. 

Bong or a Pipe

    • As previously mentioned, Shatter is hard to smoke if not heated to the right temperature. This method is possible but sometimes challenging for those who do not possess the proper tools. In order to successfully smoke shatter out of a bong or a pipe, there are two protocols to follow:
    • Break the Shatter into tiny pieces, as adding more oxygen to the surface area will help the Shatter to ignite much faster.
    •  Use a butane lighter so you can get a hot and steady flame


For the best results, follow these instructions:

a) Spread the Shatter evenly.

b) Break the Shatter into tiny pieces (this is easier if frozen beforehand).

c) Use a butane lighter.

d) Follow a loose 20/80 shatter to bud ratio for optimal burning.



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