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Indica Cartridges Canada

Looking for the best Indica vape cartridge in Canada? Look no further; you have made it to Canada’s cheapest online dispensary in terms of marijuana concentrates. Don’t be hesitant; the quality is there in spades! We can afford to give you the best prices because our distillate is made in-house! Everything from the careful curation of the flower, our proprietary distillation process, to sending your package in the mail is carefully attended to and done with love. We are always on top of keeping up with new Cali strains and love to get feedback on what you think we should carry next. Welcome to the community that is Secret Smoke.

Indica Cartridge Price – Why Club Canna Makes So Much Sense

With the average price being 30-50 dollars, Secret Smoke crushes the competition with the best Indica strain cartridges starting at just CAD 22.00. You won’t find a cheaper retail price on them anywhere else.

Club Cannas Strong THC Carts – How Strong Are They?

Relax, if you are a beginner, you can use the Indica vape cartridge as a vehicle to save yourself money; you don’t have to smoke the whole thing! Our distillate runs around 90-95 percent, so this little cart is not only effective in terms of convenience, these Indica vapes for sale pack a huge punch due to pure potency. So if you are a beginner, take your time getting acclimated to your new indica cartridge. Take a few pulls and wait 15 minutes before you try again; trust us, you will thank us later!

The Benefits Of The Club Canna Indica Vape Cartridge Canada

As mentioned throughout our site, the Club Cannas distillation process undergoes strict procedures to extract as many natural terpenes and flavonoids as possible before distillation. When they are added back after the isolation of the THC, Club Canna can offer an experience many other companies cannot. Original terpenes and flavonoids added back to their original THC base profoundly affect how the Indica cartridge will smoke, leading to the manifestation of similar effects the original flower would naturally exhibit. This is called the entourage effect, meaning diverse mixtures of terpenes and flavonoids, when smoked with cannabinoids, create unique effects depending on the variety in each compound. This makes our recipe extremely strong in nature. Most companies sloppily extract the THC mixing different strains together and bastardizing distinct qualities. Even though there are some cannabinoids you can’t get back after the distillation process, we try to get as close as possible with our efforts.

The fact is, we take pride in what we do and how our customers feel at the end of every day. Currently, we are serving over profit, so take advantage of that and come check out our amazing Cali strain selection! We carry Indica cartridge flavors like the mendo breath strain, the cookies and cream strain, and the do si dos strain, available in bulk or singles!

Ok, Sure, I’ll Buy Indica Vape Cartridges! Which Ones Should I Choose?

This is a loaded question! Club Canna has tried to cultivate a selection of BC weed strains, old school strains, and Cali strains. However, in the case of Indica cartridges, we have focused on the latest and greatest strains from California. Here is a quick synopsis of our Indica list:

Mendo Breath Strain – pain relief, euphoric high, tastes like sweet vanilla and caramel.

Do Si Dos Strain – sweet, earthy, medical-grade body effects, ultra-relaxation.

Fire OG Strain – kush like the smell, lemon zest, euphoric, sleepy, munchies.

Forbidden Fruit Strain – grapefruit, mango, relaxed, aroused, sleepy.

Raspberry Cough Strain – uplifting, energetic, focused, berry-flavored, sweet.

Sunset Sherbert Strain – candy, skunky, citrus, relaxed, happy, giggly.

Cookies and Cream Strain – nutty, vanilla, sweet, happy, relaxed, giggly.

We hope this narrows down your decision on these exotic carts! Your opinion matters! Vote for the best Indica strain cartridge, and we will make sure to stock extra of the most popular ones!

Indica Cartridges Canada – How Long Will My High Last?

Your high will last a given time, depending on a few variables. If you take just a few times on a 90 percent THC pen, your high will last 1-3 hours, depending on your tolerance. If you smoke a lot, you can be in for a ride. Smoking distillate can be very therapeutic but can last a long time if you pull on your Indica vape cartridge like crazy. Some customers have reported being high for 5 hours! In some cases, Sativa Cartridges and Hybrid Cartridges could feel a little less potent, but depending on your condition or situation, you should always smoke responsibly.

How Long Will Club Canna Indica Oil Cartridges Last?

Club Cannas cartridges are all equipped with 1 gram of distillate. The average user tokes from 3-5 mg a puff, meaning out of 1000mg, a person can inhale 150-300 tokes! If you consider an average .5 gram joint has 80-100mg of THC, you would have to smoke 10-14 joints to equal the amount of THC you would take off one indica vape cartridge.


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