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Pre-Rolled Joints In Canada

Welcome to the Secret Smoke page dedicated to Pre-Rolls. Here you will find everything you may be wondering about Pre-Rolls and their similar counterparts. If you are a seasoned smoker, you probably know what you’re doing, but you never know; you may learn something new. The team has tried being as comprehensive and informative as they possibly can. We have gone in-depth because we know the industry. In addition to this, we care, and we want you to enjoy the weed that you have spent your hard-earned money on. So here it goes, Canadians.

What are Pre-Rolls? A History.

Pre Rolls are essentially pre-made joints. These days they come in either a tube or a box depending on the amount of your purchase. They can come in different shapes, from cones to bullets, and are made with rolling papers, cannabis, and a cardboard filter. First, let’s look into the history of how pre-rolls became so popular in Canada.

You may refer to a Pre-Roll as a marijuana cigarette if you are old school. Most people call it a joint, but with the emergence of buying cannabis online, the term that has been coined “is “pre-rolls.” So why has it primarily been coined this term online? We must look at how the industry has manifested itself to answer this.

The marijuana industry used to be simple. As a customer, you used to call your friend to see if they “knew someone,” or if you were a smoker, you would probably contact your dealer down the street to pick up a quarter ounce in a Ziplock bag. If you were lucky, your dealer had a few different strains, maybe some old-school ones like purple haze or hash plant. A dealer would rarely have pre-rolled joints for sale back in the day. If you wanted the best pre-rolls, you would have to roll them for yourself.

As the industry progressed, growers crossed new strains together and created a market with many new cannabis hybrids, Sativa’s and Indica’s. With increasing diversity expanding to fit anyone’s pallet, consumers became pickier and pickier. This created more competition, and wholesalers had to diversify. This led to most dealers holding much more variety.

As brick and mortar dispensaries appeared, pre-rolled joints for sale became more and more abundant. As most dispensaries were trying to disguise themselves as medical, they started to offer THC primary and CBD pre-rolls made with strains like Charlotte’sCharlotte’s Web and Cannatonic. However, this all being true, it had many positive outcomes as cannabis finally got recognition for its health benefits in many mainstream outlets.

Shortly after, online dispensaries in Canada started to pop up, and the amount of SKUs some of them were offering was unbelievable. This was when the best pre-rolls began to become highly mainstream. People have become more dependent on online services everywhere with the industry’s evolution. There was more selection in size, strains, and extras like pre-rolls with kief, CBD pre-rolls, and pre-rolls with shatter and hash. The list goes on and on and on. Google keyword indicates that because of the service industry, the word pre-rolls is now the most commonly used term for buying joints online. This is the evolution of pre-rolled joints for sale in Canada.

Tips for Buying Pre-Rolls։ Top Things To Consider

Even though pre-rolls are incredibly convenient, you should have some questions about what kind of cannabis is in your purchasing joints. So here are the things you should be asking if you want to buy the best pre-rolls.

How Old is The Weed in That Pre-Rolled Joint for Sale?

This can come as some news for some consumers, but many companies will use their older products sitting on the shelf to clear inventory. In some cases, this may be true, and It can be quite a common practice. This can also be ok if you are not picky, but the price should reflect its freshness if this is true. However, not all cases are like this, and many companies will offer low prices for the smaller buds that are in the pre-rolled joints you are purchasing. So if you are concerned, talk to a customer service agent to see what the details are on the pre-rolls you are looking at. Most companies will not sell you garbage as they want you to come back, but if your joints come smelling like hay, you will know they are overdue or just low quality.

Why Does My Joint Burn Black?

Improper care of the marijuana plant in the flushing and drying stage is one of the most common reasons your joint burns black. Flushing only uses an agent with H20 or pure water in the last two weeks of the growing cycle to enable the plant to flush out remaining food like magnesium, calcium, sodium potassium silicon, and phosphorous. When burned together with plant matter, it can taste dirty and unpleasant. However, after cropping out many loads, it has become even more apparent that this is only 50% of the problem. It has been proven that chlorophyll degradation and the addition of sugar transformation are massive contributors to nicer white ash. This means that dropping temperatures, light, and humidity levels strategically in the last stage of growth is exceedingly helpful. Keeping the drying stage on point is also an essential factor in light, humidity, and temperature.

The industry standard for Wholesalers is classic Zig-Zag whites. Why? When weed is rolled in these papers, they burn the whitest out of any rolling paper. This is because they are skinny and are made by an oxidization process. Most other rolling papers like elements, RAW, or Rizzla’sRizzla’s burn a little salt and pepper, but that has nothing to do with the flower in your joint, so don’t be put off by a grey color when you are smoking.

Your weed could be wet! If you are a regular retail customer, this would be highly unlikely. However, if you are close to a grower and smoke weed that is damp off the stem, this is probably why. If you buy weed from a damp grower, make sure to dry it in a cool, dry place before rolling it up.

How Much Should Pre-Rolls Cost?

Pre-Rolled joints in Canada can vary in price. If you buy weed online, you can typically find joints from 5 to 10 dollars. If you buy rare strains or CBD pre-rolls, the cost can sometimes hit 15 dollars. Most of the pre-rolled joints in Canada are rolled with 1 gram, and if you can find them for 5 dollars, you are getting a great deal. Even with a machine roller, there is a lot of labor cost to make a pre-roll. So, if you find a tasty joint for 5 dollars, it makes sense to let your provider role for you!

How Do You Keep Pre-Rolls Fresh?

Sunlight contains UV properties that can degrade the cannabinoids in your flower. Therefore, keep your joints in a cool, dark, and dry place. Typically, mason jars are used by most people, but black mylar bags can also be highly effective as they do not let in any light. If you are to use mason jars, keep the jar in your drawer or cupboard. If appropriately stored, pre-rolls can last two months to just under a year, depending on what stage you bought your flower.


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