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Hybrid Vape Pens in Canada

Have you been looking to buy hybrid marijuana vape pens online? Well, here at Secret Smoke, we can help you out even if you’re a little short on bank. We offer some of the best cheapest cannabis prices online in Canada. No joke, look around. Vapes starting at $22? You can get them down to approximately $15 if you buy wholesale. Ounces starting at $49? If that isn’t enough, you don’t have to worry about quality either. We do extraction in-house and know precisely what’s going into our concentrates. More interested? Let’s dive a little deeper!

What is a Hybrid Vape Pen?

In general, a hybrid marijuana strain contains properties of both Sativas and Indicas because one was crossed with the other. So, if you love the effects Indica’s and Sativas have to offer, buying a hybrid vape pen online from Secret Smoke is the logical choice. However, when buying vape pens online from other stores, there is almost no due diligence they can do to audit the THC Carts and Vape Pens they buy from other companies. Secret Smoke brand and Club Canna are made in-house, which is paramount.

Why is This so Important?

It’s important because most natural attributes that make every strain unique get stripped away during the distillation process, which isolates our clean Delta 9 THC. So we are not going to say we are perfect, but we defiantly try because we have a process in which we try and keep as many terpenes as possible and add them back after the Delta 9 process.

We are great proponents of replicating what each strain had to offer in its natural form even after the distillation process. We harvest organic marijuana flowers and use a light hydrocarbon to extract our terpenes via centrifugal force. This process separates the terpenes from the cannabinoids before the rest of the process is completed. After the isolation of the Delta 9, THC is completed, we add the original terpenes and, if needed, additional terpenes back into the single strain, such as Fruity Pebbles. So, the original terpenes and cannabinoids can come back together to have similar attributes you value in their pure form. In reality, lots of cannabinoids that make each strain unique are lost. However, we are as close as it gets. Most companies claim to enforce these methods. However, they take trim from multiple strains, run it through the distillation process, and buy terpenes from terpene providers, which void their strain’s authenticity completely. Shop for Vape Pens and THC Carts in Canada with Club Canna; we won’t let you down!

Shatter goes through a less extraction process; therefore, more unique cannabinoids are still present. Try our Club Canna Shatter with strains like Pink Gas, Do-Si-Dos, and Tropicana Cookies if you want something even closer to your favorite flavor in concentrate.

How To Use a Hybrid Vape Pen

Whether a Vape Pens is Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid, the functionality remains the same.

Generally, disposables and re-usable pens come with a tip, battery, and charger. Regarding disposable vape pens, they are the easiest to use. First, you have to inhale or hold down a button to engage the atomizer to vaporize your distillate.

Most re-usable vape pens come with a charger, battery, and case, so you can refill it or buy a new cartridge when you are done with your cartridge. Re-usable distillate vape pens are usually built with more engineering and can come with many different configurations. For instance, most BB Tank reusables require you to press the button five times to turn the atomizer on and five times off. Of course, if you wish to inhale, you press down for the duration of your toke. This is about as complicated as it gets, so don’t feel intimidated if you are new to cannabis vape pens.

How To Choose Your Hybrid Vape Pen

Some vape companies have come under some scrutiny regarding how hot the atomizers get in recent years. This is relevant because the more alluring your vape gets, the more carcinogens you may be inhaling. Arguably, this can be dependent on additives being present and if the cannabis was organic or not. All this being true, it may be comforting to know that Secret Smoke has your best interest at heart. If you dive in-depth into this issue, you will see that this problem is not as easy to solve as one would think. If the distillate is too viscous, a lower Mah may not vaporize your product. If it was is too hot, it would be unhealthy.

Batteries are measured in Mah; this is a unit of electric charge. If this charge is too powerful, the atomizer can get too hot and release formaldehyde. This, too, can also cause your atomizer to burn out early. So when Club Canna was conceived, we went right to work and hired a chemist to formulate a blend that would vaporize product with a lower unit of electric charge, light without clogging at lower temperatures, and create a taste like none other. So you see, the Secret of choosing your hybrid vape pen is shopping for vape pens online at Secret Smoke.


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