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THC Gummies have exploded across Canada in a big way in the last few years. Everyone from people with disabilities who are injured or love a good time has adopted this healthier way of ingesting different cannabinoids. Check out THC Gummies and CBD Gummies here!

What are THC Gummies Used For?

Pain Management is one of the most common reasons people take THC and CBD orally. When taken in this manner, primary cannabis effects can last up to 12 hours ingested instead of six hours if smoked, according to the Canadian Centre on Substance, Use and Addiction. This means eating THC Gummies, THC Chocolate, or Simply dropping distillate from a THC Syringe into your food is extremely practical. In addition, many people would argue that eating THC gives you a much better body high, therefore aiding in pain management to a higher degree. Consumers may also wonder about inflammation; however, THC does not contain any anti-inflammatory properties. If you wish to shift your requirements to reduce your pain and aid in inflammation, it would be wise to add CBD or CBG to your regimen. You can buy CBD Chocolate, CBD Gummies, and full-spectrum oil, which combine THC and CBD.

THC Gummies in Canada have also been known to help Neurological and Mental Disorders. Some of these disorders consist of:
Tourette’s Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis

Weed Gummies can also Expand your Mind and Boost Creativity.

Ingesting THC can act as a catalyst to shift your mind to a new state of increased awareness. Currently, studies are being done that indicate the increase of cerebral blood flow with THC and CBD. Cerebral blood flow has been scientifically proven to increase the brain’s oxygen, optimizing the brain’s activity. Of course, cannabinoids can be abused like any other controlled substance, and taking the proper dosage for your condition is extremely important. If the appropriate dosage is not administered, the results of these studies would no longer be relevant. Enjoy your edibles and cannabis gummies responsibly.

THC Gummies Shopping Tips

For the most part, THC gummies in Canada come with comprehensive labels indicating the cannabinoid content and, in some cases, extra nutrition facts. This is true even for the grey market. However, most consumers don’t consider the percentage that the 200 mg is! For instance, if you have 200 mg in one weed gummies package that is only 70% THC and a 150 mg package that is 93% THC, you are getting more bang for your buck with the package that is 150mg @ 93%. Usually, this THC has gone through a better concentration process that will feel cleaner and better when used. So, what does this mean? Go with brands like Boost Edibles, Sweeds, and Forbidden Fruit from Secret Smoke which all have 85-95% THC in their cannabis gummies!

How Do I Dose Myself?

Dosing yourself is not a complicated action. However, it is case by case. It depends on the condition you have or if you are recreational. Suppose you are already a consistent user of cannabis gummies. You likely know how to dose yourself. In the case of a newcomer, we would always recommend starting small. Start at a 5 mg dose, and after the first hour has passed, take another 2.5 mg. Sometimes the effects can creep up on you. If it has still not taken effect after the second hour, you desire to take another 2.5 mg on the third hour. This will ensure you don’t take too much.

What Ingredients are in Weed Edibles? Should I Worry About Allergies?

Traditionally, THC gummies in Canada consist of gelatin or pectin, sugar, citric acid, and food coloring. Most of these inert ingredients are safe for over 95% of the public. However, in some rare cases, people are allergic to gelatin and certain types of sugar. There is far more chance a person is allergic to cannabis than the inert ingredients. If you have had weed and candies before, you can probably bet you are in the clear.

What Kind of THC Gummies Can I Get in Canada?

There is a wide variety of Weed gummies you can procure in Canada. Here at Secret Smoke, you can choose from the candies that remind you to bring a kid like Forbidden Fruit Sour Keys to extremely high-quality Boost Edibles Sour Watermelons. Here is the Secret Smoke list of Cannabis Gummies you can have come to you in the mail tomorrow!

Boost Edibles – Sour Watermelon, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Boost THC Variety Pack, Boost CBD Variety Pack, CBD Sour Lemon

Sweeds Edibles – THC Sour Keys, THC Sour Watermelons Smackers, THC Banana Bliss, THC Fuzzy Peaches, THC Sour Cherry Smackers, THC Jolly Ranchers, THC Sour Blue Raspberry Big Feet, THC Sour Cola Bottles, and THC Gummy Bears (Premium Bears).

Forbidden Fruit: THC Cherry Cola Bottles, THC Tropical Fish, THC Neon Worms, THC Blue Feet, THC Blue Raspberries, THC Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Bubblegum Bottles, THC Strawberry Keys, THC Sour Strawberries, THC Sour Cherry Blasters … the list goes on. Check out our great THC gummies for sale!

Why Are THC Gummies so Popular?

Buying weed gummies, in particular, is famous for a variety of reasons. So let’s take a closer look at why these sweets have taken the online world by storm.

People know the exact dose they are taking
THC lasts longer in your body when it’s taken orally
You can eat them anytime
THC Edibles have a long shelf life
THC Gummies do not melt in the heat when mailed
They taste sweet and sour

What is Weed Gummies Right for You?

When buying weed edibles online, it is essential to know what you are after, which really depends on what you need it for. So, what is suitable for you?

The most common gummies you can find are:

CBD & THC (1:1)

When To Use THC Edible

Most recreational users are after the THC high. Whether you are planning to watch a movie with your boyfriend or girlfriend or do a dose with a group of friends, THC gummies are always there for a good time. However, as mentioned before, THC also offers medicinal properties that are effective for neurological disorders and pain management. If you have pain in your body, try THC out.

When to use a CBD Edible

If you are suffering from inflammation, migraines, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, depression, or anxiety CBD is the key ingredient you want to be ingesting.

When To Use a 1:1

If you wish to embrace the medical benefits of CBD and THC combined, the 1:1 ratio is the most sensible choice. This is what many call the one-two punch. These cannabinoids together work in tandem with each other perfectly. Is this a surprise considering they are found in nature together? There are more uncommon ratios like a 4:1 CBD to THC ratio, and in this case, the higher the CBD ratio, the less chance you have of becoming high. When taken at a higher ratio, CBD mitigates the effects of THC.

When to Use a CBG Gummie

CBG works by binding to both receptors where it’s thought to reinforce the function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that is a catalyst in enhancing pleasure and motivation, regulating sleep and appetite, and diminishing pain. However, CBG is much more similar to CBD as it will not get you high.


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