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Distillate Cartridges Canada

If you want to buy distillate cartridges in Canada, you have come to the right place. Both Club Canna and Secret Smoke distillate is run in-house. We are literally there from the ground up, from farm to cartridge. When you take a toke off your Club Canna cartridge, it started with organic fertilizer and was grown with no pesticides.

It was cured perfectly at 60 degrees Fahrenheit at 16 percent relative humidity to preserve the best terpenes for extraction, which we separate before the THC. This enables us to get as close as we can to emulating the effects the flower would produce. And finally, it’s run with the highest quality solvents to retain beneficial phytochemicals. We are extremely passionate about our products, and we hope you are too. Welcome to the best place for ordering distillate cartridges online in Canada.

What Is A Distillate Cartridge Used For?

Whether a person uses a cartridge for a health issue, an escape from daily life, or in a social setting, carts exist for the purpose of relief via multiple cannabinoids. As a user of cannabis carts, these circumstances indicate why a person would use this instrument.

The Use Case Of A Cartridge

Distillate Cartridges are most abundantly sold as a 510 thread. When you buy vape pens online in Canada, this is the most common male end a cartridge has. This is because most batteries (regarding marijuana vape pens and, more specifically, distillate vape pens) have a female 510 thread. So, as you can probably already comprehend, a cartridge is a receptacle used for vaporizing and storing your cannabis concentrates. Furthermore, it fits nicely onto your battery which powers your atomizer inside your cartridge.

Depending on your commitment to vaping and personal preferences, you could be leaning towards buying distillate cartridges online in Canada instead of disposable vape pens for various reasons. It depends on your use case. For instance, if you are traveling and you are a Sativa and hybrid day smoker and an indica night smoker, you will find most battery cases come with room for you to store multiple carts. This enables you to experience different effects and flavors in a compact and organized fashion.

Furthermore, to some extent, having a battery you can re-charge is more reliable. In some cases, you can get disposable vape pens in Canada, where the battery will run out before your cannabis oil is finished. However, Club Canna disposables with flavors like the Banana Runtz Strain are extremely reliable. We have been working with the same provider for many years. They have been slowly developing the atomizer and batteries to make it a more reliable experience and a healthier one!

In conclusion, if you are the type of person that loses small possessions easily, go for a disposable vape pen. If you are traveling and are a more organized person, you probably want to go for a re-usable battery and keep a few different carts around!

Do Distillate Cartridges Get You High?

Yes and no! Oil cartridges come with so many variations that they would be hard to determine unless you knew the specifics. There are a vast number of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that all directly affect the outcome of your use.

Here is a list of the most common distillate cartridges and the effects you could expect from each variety:

1. CBD cartridges will not get you high; however, they will induce a better appetite and treat physical pain and neurological disorders. Check out our Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen for your CBD fix!

2. THC cartridges are definitely intoxicating and will get you high. Its most common use is recreation, but it can also help with physical and emotional pain. THC distillate is 2.5-3x stronger than smoking the most potent cannabis, so use it in moderation. Check out our Hybrid Cartridges like the Fruity Pebbles strain and the XJ-13 strain. These flavors offer a great Segway into vaping cannabis!

3. Full Spectrum CBD is distillate where the CBD is not as isolated. It contains small traces of THC and many more of the plant’s original terpenes and cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD is said to work famously due to the entourage effect; however, it is not known for getting people high.

4. CBG – this cannabinoid is one of the hardest to extract due to the fact it is most prominent weeks before regular harvest. It typically yields low percentages because it is not as prominent as other cannabinoids. CBG cartridges have no psychotropic effects and do not get you high.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Distillate Cartridge

Now that you are familiar with oil cartridges filled with various distillates, you can consider other factors when weighing which ones to purchase.

1. Does the vape pen company run their strain separately? Club Canna does.

Most companies take a leftover shake and small buds from multiple strains and run them through the distillation process. After this is completed, they add over-the-counter terpenes, and more of the attributes that make a strain unique is lost. This is because the process does isolate a particular cannabinoid. However, in the case of Club Canna, we strive to bring the effects of the original strain to you in your cartridge. We do this by extracting the terpenes and flavonoids from single strains before the process of isolating cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. In addition to taking these extra steps, we go even further using different solvents, making sure to preserve phytochemicals that are said to be extremely beneficial to your health. This is not perfect, but it does make a difference in bringing small parts of the entourage effect to your distillate cartridge. We can say without a doubt that most companies do not practice these protocols. So, if you are looking for a thought-free Indica Cartridge or Sativa Cartridge, you are in the right place!

2. What kind of oil vape pen or oil cartridge should I choose? What effects should I expect?

Oil vape pens for sale, especially at Secret Smoke, come in many different varieties and flavors. Depending on your mood, you could go with an Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid strain! In terms of buying Sativa strains, you can expect to heal yourself better if you suffer from anxiety and depression. In the case of an Indica strain, you can expect to reduce inflammation and battle physical pain better than a Sativa. You could just be indecisive and go the hybrid route too! Remember, distillate is super concentrated and usually around 85-95 percent. So if you are buying THC distillate carts, you will get pretty high. You will inevitably feel the effects of the high concentrations of THC above anything else if you do not use it in moderation.

If you are purely into the flavor of your cartridge, explore our great selection of Cali strains like the Runtz Strain or old-school strains like the White Widow strain.

3. Wherever you are buying your carts, ask about their construction.

At Secret Smoke and Club Canna, we have worked with our cartridge provider for many years. This has enabled us to develop an extremely reliable cartridge. We increased the number of openings for the distillate to wick and increased airflow in our atomizer. This heavily reduces the “clogged vape scenario,”, especially in lower temperatures.


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