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Sativa Cartridges Canada

Merging with a company like Club Canna to develop our distillate program has been a pleasure. We now put the amount of consideration into our distillate oil for sale as second to none. We know exactly what’s going into our Sativa vape cartridges and all our other varieties of cartridges and disposable vape pens. This gives us such confidence when speaking to our customers about our products. Our Sativa cartridges all started out being finished flower at our farm, delivered to the lab and ended up for sale online at the best online dispensary (Secret Smoke). We are incredibly thrilled to be able to speak about our products with absolute conviction. So please, read on to explore the magic of Club Cannas supreme THC cartridge processing techniques.

What Are Sativa Cartridges? Are They Better Than Club Canna?

A cartridge is typically a cylindrical glass tank containing a coil that heats up to vaporize a gram or a half gram of concentrated THC, CBD or full-spectrum distillate. This should not be confused with a full vape pen, as a Sativa vape cartridge comes without a battery and a charger. This really is the only distinction between the two.

From Farm

In the case of Club Cannas Sativa cartridges made in Canada, our processing starts at the in-house farm. Our farm does not use pesticides during the whole growing process. Instead, we section off smaller rooms for each strain so that pests are easier to control with beneficial bugs. This allows us to put a big organic stamp on all our house buds. To be transparent, most inorganic compounds get removed throughout the distillation process. However, small traces of pesticides could be leftover in your extracts from other companies if they are not proponents of organic farming. If you are still thinking of where to buy Sativa vape cartridges that are organic, well, you are kind of in the right place!

To Lab… To You!

As mentioned in a few of our other extract category pages, most other cannabinoids are removed when extracting THC or CBD during the distillation process. This, for connoisseurs looking for strain-specific effects in Hybrid Cartridges, Sativa and Indica Cartridges pose some difficulties. However, Club Canna has accounted for this in spades. More recent studies have indicated that a plant’s natural terpene profile plays a psychoactive role that impacts the effects of THC when inhaled by the user. This is why we individually run each strain and extract the plant’s original terpenes using a light hydrocarbon. When the distillation process is complete, this is added back to the particular strain in its purer form. This makes these Sativa cartridges for sale as unique and strain-specific as possible. Check out our pure Sativa strains in a concentrated form like Acapulco Gold and Blue Dream.

Helpful Tips For Buying a Sativa Cart

Research The Quality Of The Cartridge

If you buy the wrong brand, buying Sativa vape cartridges can be a nuisance. Too many consumers complain about coils burning out or the atomizer not vaporizing your mail order THC distillate! This is why we have manufactured our vape cartridge with high-quality ceramic coils, thick cotton to wick the oil properly, and a larger vent to allow more oxygen to pass through the tip. Unless you are in extremely cold conditions, you can count on Club Canna pulling through… excuse the pun!

Buy Brands With Little Or No Additives

Many brands use additives like propylene glycol to ease the flow of the oil into the coil of the Sativa vape cartridge. In their defense, some additives improve the functionality present in most nicotine vapes. However, if they are present in low-quality Sativa vape cartridges in Canada, the coils can heat up too much, making them unhealthy. Make sure to ask other vendors how their cartridges are prepared. If you buy THC cartridges from Secret Smoke, don’t worry; we have you covered!

What Are The Benefits Of a Sativa Cartridge?

The effects of 100 percent Sativas are purely addicting. That’s why we cultivate a Durban Poison dedicated to THC distillate. Many years ago, we were blessed to have 100 percent Sativa seeds dropped off by an old school grower, and we have safeguarded them ever since. Here at Secret Smoke, we all agree that it’s the best cartridge we carry due to its 100% Sativa origins. We feel the cannabinoids left in this particular distillate carry them over the effects of the original flower better than the sativa dominant strains. The effects one feels are highly indicative of a pure Sativa strain, and the energizing euphoric head high paired with its anxiety-reducing effects are unparalleled. You have landed on the right spot if you are looking for the most beneficial sativa strain you have ever encountered in a cart.


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