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Edible Bundles In Canada

Edibles bundles in Canada have become a popular trend. At Secret Smoke, we know that variety is the spice of life. That’s why we have developed our site to enable you to buy marijuana edibles so you can have a different flavor every day of the week! Everyone goes through stages where they like a THC Edible one day and on CBD edible the next. That’s why we carry Forbidden Fruit Edibles, Stoner Patch Dummies, Boost Edibles, and Sweeds! These products make up over 40 types when you order edibles online from Secret Smoke.

What Are Edibles Bundles?

Edibles Bundles are a variety of cannabis gummies, weed chocolate bars for sale, and tinctures. Pretty much anything you can ingest orally. However, at Secret Smoke, we primarily cater to THC and CBD gummies in our Edible Variety Bundles category. We have implemented these tactics for a few reasons.

Chocolates melt in the mail for 4-5 months of the year in Canada.
THC and CBD gummies sell much more than Chocolate.
Statistically, CBD tinctures are bought separately.

Of course, you are always welcome to check out our chocolate section and buy single CBD & THC chocolates online from the best provider in that category, Boost Edibles.

How Much Does a Pack Of Edibles Usually Cost?

Cannabis-infused edibles pricing is all over the map, so we have taken the liberty of doing the comparables, so you don’t have to! When looking at the content of THC that a package displays online, you must think about the percentage of that THC or CBD oil is. We will get more into this later, but this strongly establishes the fact that you should be buying brads with high efficacy.

These are the average prices you can expect to pay with the competition VS Secret Smoke:

Boost CBD/THC 150 mg
vivid wellness $26.00
kush station – $25.00
Secret Smoke – $17.50

Stoner Patch Dummies – THC 500 mg
Canna lyft $25.00
Drystal cloud 9 $25.00
Secret Smoke – $23.00

Forbidden Fruit (200mg all flavors)
House of budz $20.00
Get my supply $19.00
Secret Smoke $17.50

The average price of a pack of cannabis edibles bundles in Canada ranges from 17 dollars to 30 dollars for single packets. If you pay attention to all of our prices across the site, you will see that Secret Smoke offers the cheapest online dispensary prices, with most edibles starting at $17.50. Furthermore, if you are into dosing your own food, you can also check our Syringe Variety Bundles. They pack quite a punch and are incredibly strong!

How To Choose an Edible Bundle

At Secret Smoke, picking an Edible Bundle is easy. First, go to Edibles Variety Section and select how many you want to order. We have options for 4, 10, 20, 50 and 100 packets. Buying wholesale weed online can save a lot of money if you are in pain, so keep that in mind! You can buy bulk with our Shatter Bundles and Half Pound Variety Bundles as well.

After you have selected the number of bags you would like to purchase, you are ready for your selections! Please note that whatever option you pick, you always get 4 varieties. For instance, if you pick the 4 pack you get 4 different kinds. If you get a 100 pack, you will get 4 varieties of 25 each. We do this to manage stock and delivery times more efficiently. However, if you wish to make a custom order, please leave us a comment in the notes section when you check out. We strive to execute the best online dispensary customer service anywhere in Canada.

How Do I Choose The Right Edible?

If you are new to consuming THC or CBD edibles, it’s always to ask one of our customer service representatives for information. We are more than a place to buy weed online and high-dose edibles! Secret Smoke is a community that genuinely cares about your health and happiness. So, please take advantage of our agents available from 10:30 am PST to 6 pm PST. We are just a message away!

If you are a “do it yourself” kind of person. You can check out the following tips for picking your edibles.

Remember, just because a label presents itself to be 200mg, you have to consider the percentage of THC that 200mg has in it. That’s why it’s important to buy Edibles from ranking establishments like the Forbidden Fruit Edibles company. Secret Smoke vets each out-of-house company to ensure the product’s quality remains consistent and safe. We hope these protocols make your decisions about buying edibles online in Canada that much easier.


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