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Aztec God – Dry Mushrooms

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Buy Aztec God Dry Mushrooms Online in Canada. The Aztec god variety of magic mushrooms is legendary amongst ancient and modern eras. They’re unique from most mainstream shrooms as the species is from the the psilocibe aztecroum family, versus the cubensis, like most from its name you can tell the type originates from several states in Mexico.

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Aztec God – Dry Mushrooms

Secret Smoke brings you Aztec God Dry Mushrooms.

Aztec God Dry Mushrooms are known for they’re bell-shaped caps and skinny stems. Aztec gods contain psyolsiben and phylocin as they’re two main compounds that provide the mushrooms hallucinogenic effects. The psilocybe aztecorum strains were an intricate part of religious ceremonies for 16th century civilisations, like the aztec, oaxaca and nahua. In fact, the shrooms were classified as holy sacraments and were taken during spiritual rituals in which hallucinatory premonitions would be gained.

What you should know about this magic mushroom:

This magic mushroom strain delivers potent mental and emotional clarity, with its highly happy experiences. You will feel more spiritually connected to the world and those around you. The magic mushrooms introspective quality is the reason why phylocibin and psilocin are in the early phases of being approved as a prescribed treatment for people with depression. With aztec gods you’ll be taken on a journey through your consciousness with a mind freeing type of view. Like most shooms, you will experience stunning light visuals, distortions  and morphing of objects around you as well. The psilocyb aztecorum varieties of magic mushrooms like Aztec God, are known for boosting creativity and can even promote focus for work performance.

More about it’s characteristics and potency:

Psilocybin and  psilocin at different doses can cause varied effects for individuals depending on their endurance, weight and metabolism. Overall though, aztec golds provide consistent yet mild effects when micro dosing, while in bigger amounts can deliver a higher potent experience. Hallucinations are common with Aztec Gods, and expect to experience a profound connection to your spirit and to those you are surrounded with.

Effects of magic mushrooms are normally felt in the first 30-60 minutes.

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1 review for Aztec God – Dry Mushrooms

  1. Greg Vavasor

    trippy, more of a laughing high but very mushhh enjoyed hahaha

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