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There are different types of cannabis flowers. Whether you’re looking for a solid Indica to help you relax at the end of the day, or a great Sativa during the day, we’ll cover you. All of the various cannabis strains we offer are carefully selected to provide a variety of smoking experiences. We rate AAAA+ varieties as the strongest and most difficult hits up to AA, so you can easily choose which marijuana strain is best for you. 

So you decided that you were going to buy your first cannabis flower. Good for you! Log in to your account and go to the flower menu . What are all these names? Gelato, Mimosa, Three Blue Kings? Don’t be afraid! There is a complete guide to buying marijuana flowers online!

Decide if you need Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.


Here You Can Find The Latest Cannabis Strains. 

Knowing The Three Differences is Strains to Choosing The Right Strain.

Sativa is an exciting cannabis strain that is ideal for smoking during the day and when you need a lot of energy. These flowers are commonly used by people who like to wake up and smoke or smoke all day long.

Indica is suitable for use at night. When there is nothing left, you need to do it and relax completely. Of course, everyone is different and some people prefer to smoke indica during the day. However, if this is your first time smoking cannabis, it is advisable to store the Indica strain in the evening.

The hybrid is a combination of both, giving it a nice, soft height.


Meet THC%

Obviously, the higher the THC percentage of the strain, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, be sure to read THC% on the Flower Products page. There are flowers ranging from 25% THC to over 29%.


Taste, Aroma and Effect

Detailed explanations and effects can be found on all flower product pages. You can also check the flavors to see if they fit what you’re looking for!


Growing Method

The cultivation method indicates whether the flowers were grown indoors or in a greenhouse. Indoor grown strains tend to be stronger and more sprout, but don’t underestimate homemade strains! These flowers are similar and are often offered at low prices.


Where can I buy the best CBD Cannabis Flower in Canada?

Canada has the most online marijuana shop in the world, as well as legal recreational cannabis and cannabis products.

But pharmacies are not equal. To buy the best cannabis in Canada, you should always buy a trusted name such as

As one of the trusted online pharmacies in the industry, we not only have one of Canada’s highest quality recreational and medical cannabis collections, but also one of the country’s largest cannabis-related products range.

We have everything from premium Indica, Sativa, Hybrid stocks, and concentrates to bath bombs. We also have cannabis products for pets!

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