Gelato (AAAA+)

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Gelato cannabis strain is a 55/45 indica dominant hybrid, that can hit up to 20% THC, bred by Cookie Fam Genetics. This cannabis is known for its sweet flavor with hint of blueberryfruit and orange. When smoked Gelato smells of lavender, berries and citrus.  It’s got awesome cali genetics and is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

It boasts strong anti-inflammatory, antispastic and analgesic properties. It high activates uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by improved concentration, and a boost of energy!

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3 reviews for Gelato (AAAA+)

  1. Morgan

    Holy shit this weed is so caked its fucked. this gelato was way better than the last! i opened it up underneath my kitchen lights and it was like opening christmas! AWESOME. also thank you to SS the delivery was lost and they sorted it out with canada post and got it to me! great online dispensary! cheers!

  2. Seth P

    So i have been a smoker for over ten years now and i hadnt got a chance to get gelato until now. I have to say the taste and smell is the best part. Its not as strong as a DB or a master kush but its still very strong … it got me there for sure.. more than most hybrids. Im pretty stoked on it and it smells amazing. Nice one… i’ll definatley order it again and was worth the money i can tell the grower that grew it flushed for a long time. Its VERY clean.

  3. Cmoney

    I really liked it. I would actually order it again and i hate to say it but its worth the money. I used to grow so it was painful to pay the price but i could see there was nothing wrong with it. no signs of mites, mould, pm and it was flushed perfectly the trim was even perfect and hand trimmed for sure.

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