Sour Strawberry Secret (AAA+)

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Sour Strawberry Secret is a special Secret Smoke Phenotype. Its sister won the 8th place of the California’s Emerald Cup in 2013. As the name suggests, the herb smells of strawberries mixed with musky and fruity tones. Sour Strawberry cannabis plants grow big, purple and red buds. This marijuana is very potent with high, up to 25% THC content. Strawberry is good for day and evening time use. Its high induces strong psychoactive high, improves mood, relieves stress, boosts energy.  That is then followed by body-mind relaxation, laziness, mild couch lock and sleep and helps to control pain and nausea.

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1 review for Sour Strawberry Secret (AAA+)

  1. kristy

    Ok so i have to say that this strain made me have so much fun! i went kayaking with my boyfriend and we had the best time. we burned this joint on a little island and it turned into the best day i had since this stupid corona virus. fast delivery too! thank you ss!

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