La Bomba – Unflavoured

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Before selecting all the products in our store, Secret Smoke goes through an intensive screening process for quality assurance. La Bomba’s lab was very impressive to say the least. Everything from farm to lab has been carefully selected. Naturally, this is a health product and is free of pesticides, cutting agents and chemicals. CBD can help with so many applications including sleep, anxiety, mood disorders, migraines and muscle aches and pains. This is healing at its finest. Even if you don’t like to get high this is a perfect way to just feel better. Everyone, at some age, starts to suffer from pain somewhere. This really is a product for everyone and we’re proud to carry it. Enjoy!

Ingredients: MCT Oil & CBD

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4 reviews for La Bomba – Unflavoured

  1. Keith

    I have really bad insomnia and this CBD tincture is helping a lot. I dont think there is a wonder cure for what i have but its really helping. I sincerely thank you guys, this is huge for me.

  2. Shannon Love

    La Bomba’s CBD is great!!! Im really sensitive to most western medicine and i get paranoid but this product helps me a lot. Its amazing. My son actually recommended this to me, it was hard to convince me of this kind of treatment but im glad i tried it, it really works.

  3. Michael

    Great product! Bought for my mom who has been going through lots of leg pain. She uses it daily now and is happy to find something that works well after trying out other cbd products.

  4. Shannon

    La Bomba cbd tincture works wonders for my arthritis. I take this daily and find it really helps my mobility.

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