Weed in Canada: What You Need To Know About Cannabis Act

Weed in Canada

Canada legalized recreational weed. Canadians are responsible for understanding all the rules and regulations regarding weed that will be enforced by the law. 


Here’s what you need to know about weed in Canada’s Rules and Regulations:

What can Canadian adults legally do as per the cannabis act?

Adults in Canada can:

  • Buy fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, plants, and seeds from state or territory stores
  • Own up to 30g of dried cannabis or equivalent in public
  • Share up to 30g of legal cannabis with other adults
  • Grow up to 4 plants in-house
  • Turn cannabis into different types of products (eg edible)

The officially legalized date of recreational marijuana in Canada?

On June 7, 2018, the Senate voted for Bill C-45. This is a law that legalizes the use and purchase of recreational weed for people over the age of 18. 


Where can Canadian adults buy recreational weed?

Recreational weed sales are determined at the province level and depend on where you are in Canada. For example, in Ontario, it’s sold in 40 state-run stores, while in Alberta, it’s only sold by private retailers throughout the state. Most other states and territories use a combination of these approaches.

How do I know which product I am buying?

Weed products are sold in packages that meet Health Canada guidelines. All packages must include the name of the producer, the name of the weed strain, and THC / CBD content. There are also disclaimers and warnings regarding the health risks associated with vaping weed.


Can I grow cannabis plants myself?

Adults in Canada can grow up to four plants per home, regardless of the number of people living there. They are responsible for taking appropriate precautions to protect young people, as are prescription drugs and alcohol on the market. 4 Plant limits cannot be transferred or specified. The provinces can also impose their own restrictions on individual cultivation.


Is edible sale permitted?

Yes, edible weed products and concentrates have been added to the list of products that can be legally sold.


What is the equivalent of the 30 gram limit?

Canada is based on its equivalence to US states such as Colorado and Washington, where cannabis sales are already regulated. One gram of dried cannabis looks like this:

  • Fresh cannabis 5g
  • 15g edible product
  • Liquid product 70g
  • 0.25g solid or liquid concentrate
  • 1 cannabis plant seed


How are young people protected under the new law?

The Cannabis Act enforces:

  • Prohibition of distribution or sale of weed to young people
  • Creating new crimes of hiring minors to distribute, sell, import, export and produce cannabis
  • Use the same advertising restrictions that apply to tobacco products
  • Prohibit the sale of cannabis on self-service displays
  • Mandatory child-resistant packaging and warning symbols


Can I vape weed in public?

Weed has the same restrictions as smoking in public places. In most countries, vaping weed may be legally restricted to your home. Landlords can ban smoking at home, just like tobacco, but this is determined at the provincial level.


Can I smoke weed at work?

Workplace disabilities are a major concern. This issue remains a federal, state, and territorial labor minister’s issue, but it makes sense that the use of cannabis in the workplace is as unacceptable as the use of alcohol. But after all, employers can ultimately control drug policy in the workplace.


Where is it illegal to smoke or vaping weed?


  • In a moving vehicle or boat.
  • Schools, playgrounds, and all public areas within 20 meters of this area
  • Children’s playgrounds and public areas within 20 meters of this site.
  • At the Child Care Center.
  • Places where childcare is done at home-even if you have no children.
  • Outside the hospital, hospital and psychiatric facility, or within 30 feet of the entrance or exit of the hospital, psychiatric facility, or long-term care facility.
  • Public sports fields (excluding golf courses), and spectator and public areas within 20 meters of these fields.
  • 30 feet (30 feet) in restaurants and bar patios, and patios or outdoor areas of certain Ontario government office buildings.
  • Designated seating areas for outdoor sports and entertainment venues, and public areas within 20 meters of the site.
  • Protected outdoor areas with roofs and two or more walls (such as bath shelters).

Do you have blood THC restrictions, just as you have blood alcohol restrictions, or are you driving completely illegally?

Driving impaired is illegal, therefore driving high is illegal. If found at THC levels of 5 nanograms per ml of blood, it can be punished as follows:

  • A fine of at least $ 1,000 for the first breach,
  • Imprisonment for at least 30 days on the second offense, and
  • At least 120 days in prison for third and subsequent violations


If you kill someone while driving high, you could face anywhere from two years to live behind bars. 


Can I travel to the United States if I smoke legal weed in Canada?

Currently, marijuana remains illegal at the US federal level, despite the legalization of some states. Therefore, border police may deny entry to anyone who is determined to be a marijuana user, producer, or seller. 

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