A Definitive Guide to Mail Order Weed in Canada

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Do you want to know about the mail order weed in Canada?

Read the mail order weed ultimate guide for ordering cannabis properly. 

Canada, which legalized possession and use of recreational marijuana in 2018, paved the way for patients to use medicinal cannabis for relief. The benefits of weed include reducing inflammation and swelling (anti-inflammatory), regulating or normalizing the immune system (immune regulation), and relieving pain (analgesia).

Statistics show that the results of a national cannabis survey on August 15, 2019, with more than ¾ of Canada’s 370,590,000 population recorded using cannabis. As of 2019, 619,041 Canadians are registered as medical marijuana customers, with a population of 715,000 expected in 2020.

What is Mail Order Weed?

In Canada, online weed dispensaries are also known as mail-order weed. There are many Mail Order Weed brands that sell cannabis available on the internet. Mail-order weed companies are legal in Canada.

Benefits of Mail Order Weed

Online weed pharmacies offer a variety of cannabis products such as dried flowers, edible foods, concentrates (including distillates), oils and pens. Different stores have different inventory and sales quality of products, all of which are displayed on the website.

The ease that consumers can feel when buying online is certainly an advantage. All options are within the reach of consumers and are paid through a simple checkout process.

This highly accessible and easy process of buying marijuana gives consumers the opportunity to save time and money. Mail Order Weed companies offer clients product trading, loyalty trading, special offers, and more.

Mail Order Weed companies also offer fast delivery and keep deliveries private for their customers. Some Mail Order Weed companies will deliver their customers’ orders within 1 to 5 days.

Privacy is also important when making online purchases, as it takes into account the anonymity of customers ordering online. Your profile and account are also secure, as legitimate websites guarantee discretion.

Disadvantages of buying marijuana online

Of course, if you buy marijuana from your cell phone or laptop, you can’t personally feel or smell cannabis.

The second drawback is when you come across an illegally operated website that is not responsible for poor quality products, poor customer service, etc. It is very important to note that this uses only trusted websites.

Medical cannabis pharmacies and recreational cannabis stores.

A pharmacy is defined as a facility that sells cannabis products to customers. There are two types of clinics. Medical cannabis pharmacies and recreational cannabis stores.

Medical cannabis pharmacies are designed for patients who need cannabis as a medicine for their condition. Recreational cannabis stores, on the other hand, are like facilities that sell cannabis products to adults for recreational purposes.

Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, the Canadian market has continued to see the rapid emergence of new pharmacies as a way to meet growing demand. Market growth also means that customer preferences are evolving. To keep up with this growth, weed dispensaries will offer a wider range of products, as well as more supplies, and online marijuana sales will be available to the cannabis community.

Why is Mail Order Weed So Important?

We believe that anyone who needs access to their medicine should not be afraid to get it for any reason, such as law, accessibility, disability, fear, or social stigma. Our goal is to provide patients with the convenience and comfort of their homes. We offer high-quality cannabis products that will satisfy all our customers and the accessories you need to use them in a variety of price ranges. We are a cannabis one-stop Mail Order Weed shop.

You will no longer have days to buy medicine in the dark alleys, and you will be worried about your purchase and the potential to endanger yourself. Now you can use SecretSmoke.co to sit in the comfort and tranquility of your home and know that you, the patient, are our priority.

Canadian rules and regulations

In Canada, cannabis products are only sold to customers over the age of 18 or 19 depending on the state or region of the customer, so when purchasing online, a website is set up to verify proof of age.

Cannabis Control Law allows Canadians to own and share up to 30 grams of cannabis.

Canada Post has also established rules and regulations on how Canadians can ship cannabis nationwide and nationwide.

According to Canada Post packaging requirements, there are inner and outer packages. The inner and outer packaging and cannabis must be odor resistant, leak-proof, and tamper-resistant. The outer package must also not contain any markings, advertisements, or indications that indicate the contents of the package. Therefore, we recommend self-sealing and odor-blocking mailers.

For customer security, Canada Post offers a traceable delivery service.

An age verification process is required during delivery to receive the marijuana you ordered. The recipient’s signature is also required. What if the recipient looks younger? The Canada Post states that it trained delivery staff to require government-issued photo IDs from recipients before handing packages to them.

Mail Order Weed: Best Options for Whom

It depends on what type of customer you are. If you are the type of weed you want to buy personally, buying online may not be for you. If you’re too busy, too lazy, or otherwise unable to stop at a local pharmacy, it’s best to order marijuana online.

Weed Dispensary and Mail Order Weed: What is the deal?

Many people who are new to Canada’s marijuana service through a mail-order weed company are wondering how safe it is to buy cannabis online and mail it to the door. 

Do you know that the only way licensed producers can distribute legal medical cannabis under the Federal MMPR / ACMPR program is by mail? 

Canadian postal workers and the average person are not trained to distinguish between legal marijuana packages and illegal marijuana packages. All they know is that it is legal to ship medical marijuana in Canada. 

Finally, contact us if you need cannabis flowers, weed vapes, magic mushrooms, edibles, concentrates, and CBD products.

Buy Cannabis Flower in Canada

Hybrid Gelato (AAAA+) $65.00 – $165.00
Hybrid Mimosa (AAA+) $45.00 – $130.00
Hybrid Peanut Butter Breath (AAAA) $55.00 – $160.00
Hybrid Sour Strawberry Secret (AAA+) $50.00 – $140.00
Hybird Three Blue Kings (AAAA+) $60.00 – $180.00
Indica Bubba Kush (AAA+) $45.00 – $140.00
Indica Charlotte’s Web (AAA) $55.00 – $160.00
Indica Death Bubba (AAAA+) $50.00 – $150.00
Indica Slurricane (AAA) $45.00 – $120.00
Sativa Green Lantern (AA) $60.00 – $100.00
Sativa King Tut (AAA+) $50.00 – $140.00
Super Lemon Haze
Sativa Super Lemon Haze (AAAA+) $60.00 – $160.00

Buy Vapes Pens in Canada

Club Canna – Death Bubba (Sativa) (AAAA+)
Club Canna – Durban Poison (Sativa) (AAAA+)
Club Canna – Fruitloops (Hybrid) (AAAA+)
Club Canna – Grape Ape .5g
Club Canna – Jack Herrer (Sativa) (AAAA+)
Club Canna – Skywalker OG (Hybrid) (AAAA+)
Club Canna – Super Sour Diesel .5g
Club Canna – Super Lemon Haze .5g
Secret Smoke – Blueberry OG (Indica) (AAA+)
Secret Smoke – Charlotte’s Web (CBD)
Secret Smoke – Coconut Oil (Sativa) (AAA+) (.5g)
Secret Smoke – Cotton Candy (Indica) (AAA+)
Secret Smoke – Mimosa (Sativa) (AAA+)
Secret Smoke – Watermelon OG (Indica) (AAA+)

Buy Mushroom Dry and Edibles in Canada

Aztec God – Dry Mushrooms $60.00 – $140.00
Master Mind - Cookies and Cream Chocolate - 1500 Mg
Master Mind – Cookies and Cream Chocolate – 1500 Mg $25.00
Master Mind – Cookies and Cream Chocolate – 3000 Mg
Master Mind – Dark Chocolate 3000 Mg $50.00
Master Mind - Dark Chocolate 5000 Mg
Master Mind – Dark Chocolate 5000 Mg $95.00
Master Mind - Dark Chocolate Bar 1500 Mg
Master Mind – Dark Chocolate Bar 1500 Mg $25.00
Master Mind - Funghi Bar 1500 Mg
Master Mind – Funghi Bar 1500 Mg $25.00
Master Mind - Funghi Bar 3000 Mg
Master Mind – Funghi Bar 3000 Mg $50.00
Master Mind - Funghi Bar 5000 Mg
Master Mind – Funghi Bar 5000 Mg $95.00
Master Mind - Gummy Frog
Master Mind – Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules 15 x 300 Mg $70.00
Master Mind – Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules 30 x 300 Mg $120.00
Secret Smoke brings you Master Mind - Unicorns 2x500 Mg - Chocolate Shroomicorn.
Master Mind – Unicorns 2×500 Mg $20.00

Buy Edible Marijuana (Candy & Chocolate) in Canada


Boost – Strawberry (AAAA+)
Boost CBD Sour Lemon
Boost CBD Variety Pack
Boost THC Cherry (AAAA+)
Boost THC Sour Green Apple
Boost THC Sour Watermelon
Boost THC Variety Pack (AAAA+)
Sweeds - Banana Bliss
Sweeds – Banana Bliss (AAA+)
Sweeds - Fuzzy Peaches
Sweeds – Fuzzy Peaches (AAA+)
Sweeds - Jollie Rancher Gummies
Sweeds – Jollie Rancher Gummies (AAA+)
Sweeds – Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry’s
Sweeds – Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry’s (AAA+)
Sweeds – Cherry Blasters
Sweeds – Cherry Blasters (AAA+)
Sweeds – Grape Smackers
Sweeds – Grape Smackers (AAA+)
Sweeds – Jelly Buttons
Sweeds – Jelly Buttons (AAA+)
Sweeds – Jelly Fishes
Sweeds – Jelly Fishes (AAA+)
Sweeds – Premium Gummy Bears
Sweeds – Premium Bears (AAA+)
Sweeds – Sour Coke Bottles
Sweeds – Sour Coke Bottles (AAA+)
Zeta Asteroids – Black Forest
Zeta Asteroids – Blood Orange
Zeta Asteroids – Chai Tea
Zeta Asteroids – Lime
Zeta Asteroids – Orange Cream
Zeta Asteroids – Root Beer
Zeta Asteroids – Sour Blue Raspberry
Boost CBD Milk Chocolate 120mg
Boost THC Dark Chocolate 240mg
Boost THC Milk Chocolate 120mg

Buy Concentrates in Canada

Secret Smoke – THCA Diamonds
Premium Shatter – Bubba Kush (Indica) $35.00
Premium Shatter – GCG (Indica) $35.00
Premium Shatter – Icewreck (Hybrid) $35.00
Premium Shatter – Krazy Glue (Hybrid) $35.00
Premium Shatter – Nuken (Indica) $35.00
Premium Shatter – Rock Star Tuna (Indica) $35.00
Premium – Scoutmaster (Sativa) $35.00
Premium – Shiskaberry (Indica) $35.00
Premium – Super Rock Star (Hybrid) $35.00
Stoneman Shatter – Blue Cheese (Indica)
Stoneman – Blue Dream (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Blueberry (Indica)
Stoneman – Cherry Pie (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Durban Poison (Sativa)
Stoneman – Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Headband (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Lemon Skunk (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Og Kush (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Jack Herer (Sativa)
Stoneman – Pineapple Express (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Skywalker (Indica)
Stoneman – Sour Diesel (Sativa)
Stoneman – Tahoe Og (Hybrid)
Stoneman – Trainwreck (Hybrid)
Stoneman – XJ-13 (Hybrid)

Buy CBD Edibles and Tinctures in Canada

Boost CBD Milk Chocolate 120mg
Boost CBD Sour Lemon
Boost CBD Variety Pack
La Bomba – Citrus Flavour
La Bomba – Unflavoured
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