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Secret Smoke is one of the trusted online pharmacies in Canada. Secret Smoke offers the highest quality strains, concentrates and edibles available in the country. Our online pharmacy sells highest quality weeds, concentrates and edible foods with ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of our products.

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We deliver the highest quality medical marijuana products in Canada. We offer cannabis flowers, edibles, cannabis concentrates (shatter, shatter pen) and more. We provide  a reliable and safe cannabis remedy in Canada.

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Why buy weed online in Canada from us?

We believe that everyone should have access to the best cannabis products without having to pay a high price. That’s why Secret Smoke makes standards and customers as high as possible. Whether you’re looking for recreational or medicinal weed, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the cheapest price. Are you looking for a cheap weed that suits you? Check out our cheap weed products such as Indica / Sativa / Hybrid strain.

Buy the Best Indica Strains Canada

Indica Strains are known for their calming effect. Therefore, Indica strains are perfect for relaxing. They are ideal as psychological and muscle relaxants, ideal for the treatment of chronic pain, anorexia and clinical depression. Indica is often referred to as a night time strains as it is most likely to help sleep.

Buy the Best Sativa Strains Canada

“Sativa” refers to a large, narrow-leaf cannabis variety believed to have a stimulating effect. They generally have longer flowering cycles than sativa and are suitable for warm climates. They are known for their high euphoric and intoxicating effects. They provide an overall uplifting and energy feeling. Sativas is ideal for depression, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and memory loss.

Buy the Best Hybrid Strains Canada

Hybrids lie in the middle and are believed to provide a balance of Indica and Sativa effects. You will find hybrids with the dominant Sativa or Indica, this is a good indicator. It helps you understand the effects you expect from your hybrid strain. It is also known today that almost all species are somehow hybrid, as they were crossed with one of the other classes at some point.

Why do you buy weed with secret smoke?

Not only are you looking for cheap weeds, but we also have a wide selection of concentrates and cannabis-infused foods at the best prices in Canada. Take a look at our store and take advantage of special offers and gifts.

Easy to order weed Canada

Add to cart, check out and create a Secret Smoke account. Very easy. * Only for customers in Canada and over 19+ years old *

High Quality

Secret Smoke is committed to providing our customers with a wide range of products of superior quality. We spent hours looking for the best on the market and putting it on one platform for the country to enjoy!

Fast Delivery 

Order today and deliver to your door in the shortest possible time.

Save more, less cost

Keep costs low and keep you high with our offers and promotions.

Secret Smoke  Online Dispensary Canada

We deliver the highest quality medical marijuana products in Canada. We offer cannabis, hash, cannabis concentrates, and more. We only provide reliable and safe cannabis remedies in Canada. We specialize in very unique, tasty and powerful premium BC Buds from licensed medical marijuana growers for all your needs and we have a wide range of products.

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